Drink it. Wash with it. Love it.

Good news! Eastham homeowners are now tapping into the town’s new municipal water supply.

How to connect to town water

Frequently asked questions

Why connect to Eastham municipal water?

List of authorized contractors

There are some terrific benefits for all of us:

  • water to rely on — even during power outages
  • water quality is monitored daily — never worry again!
  • no need for additional additives to prevent pipe corrosion
  • no need for pumps, filters and costly ongoing maintenance
  • early adopters may be eligible to receive a free water meter from the town

Many homes can hook up to the municipal water system right now… and others will be eligible in the very near future. Hooking up is easy…do it today!

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    More questions? Ask the water clerk, Kim St. Aubin, at waterclerk@eastham-ma.gov or call 774-801-3244.